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There is a current disconnect between God and His people. Confidence in praying, understanding God's Word, and hearing His voice is not reserved for a select few, but all of His children. Both online courses and digital products are available. 



Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to distinguish His voice? You are not alone.


Let's look at the spiritual arsenal and armor God has provided us. Each video we will explore a different piece, learning its use and meaning in Scripture.



This book will guide you 24 days through Joshua, chapters 1 through 24. Reading the Bible can be intimidating. A Chapter A Day Bible Study: Book of Joshua breaks makes reading the book of Joshua easy. There are prompts for reflection, prayer, life application, and questions to help you digest in small bites what is happening during that particular time in biblical history. To order print copy, click here.


The 5-Day Challenge: Open Your Spiritual Ears is a five-day workshop that will show you how to prepare your spiritual ears to hear God's voice.  

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